New Beginnings

A Time To Change Young Champion is someone who;

  •      Is aged between 16 & 25.
  •      Has personal, lived experience of mental health problems.
  •      Wants to see a society where everyone feels comfortable to talk about mental health.
  •      Doesn’t judge others and values the fact that everyone is different.
  •      Is good at listening to people and hearing their point of view, even if it is different to their own.

With that in mind, I applied to become a Young Champion, because I strive to help others who are struggling and suffering from mental ill health and may not know how to talk or seek help, I also want to be a part of the effort to create a culture where discrimination on the grounds of mental health problems is a thing of the past. Time to Change kindly invited me to become a Young Champion. I am excited to learn a whole set of new skills which I will be able to use to campaign on a wide range of mental health related topics.

Heading to London this weekend in itself is a huge challenge for me. I haven’t been to London since I returned after living and working in the area in 2014 due to a massive breakdown which took me to one of my lowest points. The black dog was well and truly rife in every aspect of my life. It was also my first true experience of deep and vivid suicidal thoughts. This took me to A&E and subsequently lead me home to Chester. I’m filled with anxiety but I’m confident I can do it.

I plan to use this blog to talk about my own experiences, share advice and look at current issues surrounding mental health. I hope it will be of use to people and be a small contribution to raising awareness of mental health problems and stamping out discrimination around such issues.

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