Exploring To Recover

I’ve had severe doubts about this thing, recovery. I’ve been expecting to fall at any moment, but so far it’s going ok. It’s very strange though. Seven years is a very long time and not only have I developed as a person in many ways but I haven’t any real memory of a time when I felt well or energised, so it’s like a new life, and in many ways it is. For now, at least. But as always I’m committing myself fully to this recovery process and making sure I do everything in my power to keep myself well, level and improving.

I’ve had some pretty busy weeks pass by of late, I’m slowly building myself up; getting outside more, writing more, being more creative and pushing myself further. I’ve documented some of that in previous posts here. This weekend, I’ve done three days of activities and that is the focus of this blog post. It’s been pretty varied and interesting; I’ve heard stories, observed people, spent time with friends & family and much more.

The first day, Friday,  I was heading to Southport, with my parents, for Jeremy Corbyn’s rally. We arrived late afternoon, once parked we headed to the old amusement arcade where we used to go together with my brother years back, spent and lost a few quid before heading for the beach where Corbyn was due to speak at 6 pm. He was joined by some prominent Labour figured including John Prescott and Steve Rotheram. Oh, not forgetting Freddie Fox!

The first to speak was a lady who had worked for 20 years at the DWP on Merseyside, she had seen first had the cuts to vital services since the Tory-led Coalition government took power in 2010. She spoke in detail of how in her position as an engagement officer she was tasked with helping the most vulnerable members of society getting over 12,000 of them back into work, but the Conservatives cut the funding completely. She also highlighted the huge increase in drug related deaths on Merseyside as a result of these types of cuts.

On Saturday, the political theme continued as I headed to Liverpool to see Dispossession: The Great Housing Swindle with a Q&A from the director, Paul Sng. Before hand, I met with my friends visited the Coming Out exhibition at The Walker Art Gallery and had a pizza. The film was interesting, eye opening and the Q&A provided an opportunity to continue the conversation. I believe everyone has a story, so I was pretty disgusted when an audience member had tried to tell their own (very interesting) story and for people to rudely heckle because it was a tad lengthy, that’s not Liverpool.

Sunday came around and as my nan was away, I decided to drag my parents out again, this time to Cheshire, we headed over to Marbury Park where we had an enjoyable walk around the park and along the Mere, once we had finished walking we decided to visit Lion Salt Works just down the road, it was a great museum with well-designed and extensive exhibits detailing the history of Salt and Cheshire. I even picked up a tub of Cheshire salt to bring home.

That, in short, was my weekend. Three days, three places with plenty of history, memories, nature and another couple of tiny steps in my recovery process. This week looks to be quieter but I have plenty of projects I’m working on and I’m heading to London for the day on Wednesday to guest on a podcast and explore some more. Plenty of news coming soon!



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