Robots & Loneliness

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to have been invited to London to record some content, whenever I go to London I squeeze every ounce of opportunity out of the city and on this occasion there was two exhibition closing next week that I wanted to check out.

My first stop was the Imperial War Museum, a short walk from Elephant & Castle station. I was greeted by the most sinister looking building, it was large with two huge cannon type guns positioned in front of it and a piece of the Berlin Wall to the left. The exhibition I visited for was entitled People Power: Fighting For Peace, I’m big on peace and very anti-war so it was a really interesting and inspiring experience. The gallery explored the whole history of war and those who opposed it. I sadly didn’t have enough time to browse the rest of the museum but it looked amazing and that’s exactly where war should be, confined to a museum.

Next, I took the tube over to South Kensington, here I was hoping to see the Robots exhibition at the Science Museum and luckily I made it just in time. This was defiantly a good call. It was a thrilling exhibition steeped in robotics history from clocks to film characters, documenting the many ways that artificial intelligence have influenced our daily lives so far. The final part of the gallery was dedicated the latest and most famous robots of recent history with a chance to interact with many of them. It has, without doubt, earned a place amongst my favourite exhibitions.

This weeks trip to London was another in my recent series of solo explorer trips and while I am still finding enjoyment and learning more and more about myself, I’m finding chronic loneliness to be a problem and it shouldn’t be aged 25. I’m forever looking for ways to fix this problem but it seems to only be getting worse and while I’m in recovery from depression it is still impacting my mood quite heavily.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to work out a way to move forward in that battle soon.

© 2017 James Woods