Photo Set: My Normality

Instagram is a social media platform intended for us to upload and share images of our lives with our friends, family and rest of the world if we choose. Naturally, we upload the most exciting and colourful photos we can create. I was flicking through my Instagram feed and noticed it didn’t really illustrate my life well at all, so in the interest of balance, I took a short series of images from my bed in a bid to depict my very normal, arguably dull and very flat Saturday.

The vast majority of us ain’t out partying, moshing at rock shows or climbing mountains, they are our rare pleasures and rightly we snap a picture and upload it to our social media accounts. In between, we are often working, spending time with family or pets, eating junk food, sorting our medications or clock watching. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable to have flat, normal days but it’s important not to judge anyone by their Instagram feed.

© 2017 James Woods