Five Songs


I’m up late this evening, for no particular reason, so I decided to put together a five-song playlist of songs.

First up, obvious band choice, but The Sights is my favourite track of the latest album. It just sparks hope. Just makes me want to jump into a spaceship and whizz around the universe. This life is whole indeed.


Next! It’s Kendrick Lamar and SZA with All The Stars. I was lucky enough to see Kendrick’s DAMN. tour when it came to Manchester last month, and it was a new level. Black Panther was an outstanding film too.


Over to Paramore. After laughter is full of truth and magic. This track could have been any number of tracks from that album, ·but this one is just the one to shake off all the bad vibes.


The penultimate track in this playlist is Anyone Else by PVRIS. I interviewed this band a few years back, and they’re great humans, they told me about a hilarious ghost encounter they had and their love for Yorkshire puddings.


The final song is the anthem for me. Avalanche by Bring Me The Horizon. This track will always be a vitally important song to me because it fitted my experiences with undiagnosed ADHD perfectly and helped me understand it at that time.


And there you have it, five really big tracks from recent years that have played a role in my life in various ways. Music will always be my first love and regardless of what I do with life; listening, collecting and creating music will always play a fundamental role in my exsistance.

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